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To ensure the quality and lifetime of the installation, service and maintenance are of great importance. A good preventive maintenance program will eventually lead to cost savings. You automatically meet to the CFC legislation, to inspect the installations on a number of essential items annually. At the end of the free service period (if applicable), you can decide to sign a maintenance contract with Thermo Technique.
Example: short content of the cooling air conditioning maintenance subscription:

  •  3 times per year cleaning and checkup according to an expanded inspection
  • Minor repairs are of no costs during the maintenance contract
  • Maintenance contract customers have priority when processing failures!
  • We will provide you cleaning and usage advice

Preventing failures is better; therefore we offer you a tailored maintenance contract. In case of failures, we will help you as soon as possible. Failures reported by telephone are always answered and the fault service mechanic responses quickly. You usually interact with one mechanic. This prevents repeatedly explanation of your problems to other mechanics.